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Lynette focuses on art classes for all ages, from 6 years and older. Classes are given in oils, acrylics, soft pastels, water colours, ink, charcoal, graphite and mix media.

Having classes with Lynette you can be sure of developing your creativity to the full, self confidence skills and your own style of painting that suits your personality.  Whether you are a visual or emotional artist an abstract or realistic painter, she will be helpful in any way and assist you to complete a beautiful piece of artwork which you can be proud of.  You will certainly grow, become more daring, experimental and original in your art.
New products are often tried out and experimented with so that you will be able to know what the new trends are.

Apart from those who prefer applying their own ideas, Lynette always discuss new projects and options for those daring people who are willing to try out something new or different.  Very often art concepts and elements are discussed which could be added to your artwork.  Every person works in their own choice of media and at their own pace where she helps with tips and techniques to make it a masterpiece.

Other artists come for “back to basic”, “open your mind” or “creative thinking” to get back on track.  Lots of art students want her advice on completing portfolios or difficult art projects for their academic art studies.  Her doors are always open for her students who need advice.

Lynette believes that only by taking risks can one develop as an artist.  It boils down to courage and patience.  You will find excitement in creating new, different work of art and explore new creative methods and techniques of application.  She will encourage you to follow your own unique vision as she will let you focus on experimental approaches.  “A picture is worth ten thousand words”.  She lets you tell your story your way.  As an artist you are more than an “eye” You are a heart and a mind. She helps you to reflect this in your own artwork.  She helps you to take a profound step in your art development to create original art with your stamp on it!

Look at the world around you with wide open eyes and a sense of wonder!  Just imagine.  There is no end to the wonderful things in our world to paint!  And your perspective will be different than anyone else’s.  Your’s are unique!  So will your paintings be!

Refer to the "News" Icon for further information on class and course dates, costs, etc. Alternatively call the Artist directly on 076 837 7006 or e mail,

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